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Careers in the Community Services Sector

In November 2020 the LLEN arranged a new webinar for students and careers teachers to learn more about careers in the community services sector. Being a community service organisation ourselves we have insight into the not for profit sector and networks and can draw on a range of presenters across the sector.

Monica Forson is a Senior Adviser for Community Engagement at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

Trained as a social worker, Monica has worked in the community development sector for over five years, including at Victoria Police and Brimbank Council and a stint in Fiji. She is a strong advocate for multiculturalism and young people. Monica spoke about how one opportunity had led to another and how she had gradually discovered what type of work she was good at.

Kara Barnett is the Cultural Diversity Officer for the City of Melbourne. Kara has over twenty years’ experience working with community across the non-profit, local and state government sectors. She is passionate about the rights of people seeking asylum and providing meaningful opportunities for newly arrived communities to actively participate in their local community.

Both Monica and Kara discussed that ‘aha’ moment where they realized working for the community was what they wanted to do and the steps they took to make it happen. Sometimes people accidentally fall into their careers and this is what happened for our presenters. They expected to be working in one field, but life experiences and opportunities gave them a chance to work with the community and this changed their direction. There are so many roles within the community sector and so many ways you can contribute and enjoy a satisfying career. You can listen to their advice about getting started in a career in the community sector on our YouTube channel via this link or view below.

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