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Youth Justice Programs

Youth Justice Programs: Get Involved

Whitelion Youth Justice Program

Whitelion, 155 Roden Street, West Melbourne.
03 8354 0800

Whitelion delivers the Justice Employment program to provide young people whose behaviours have resulted in involvement with the Justice system or are at risk of criminality, as well providing positive community connectedness, young people are supported to engage, re-engage in education and training or employment.

Young Women Youth Justice Program

Level 1, 108-112 Langridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066
0422 608 391

Women in Mentoring (WAM) matches women (including young women) who have been involved in the youth justice or adult justice system with women mentors to support their transition post release or post involvement. WAM offers a unique, early intervention program that supports women charged with a criminal offence by matching them individually with a supportive volunteer, female mentor. The volunteer mentors are trained and resourced to provide appropriate support to the program participants, to share their skills and to contribute to the wider community. The program has made a significant positive difference to the participants’ confidence, coping mechanisms and capacity to respond to their legal matters and address the issues that underlie their offending. The vast majority of the participants have avoided a prison sentence and have not re-offended.

iEmpower Diversion Program

For 18 – 30 year olds 67 Stubbs Street Kensington VIC 3031
1300 997 198

The iEmpower Diversion Program provides culturally appropriate early intervention services, which are designed to reduce the likelihood of offending and reoffending by young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. The Program provides young first-time offenders with opportunities for rehabilitation, personal growth, education and skills development; enabling them to reject antisocial and criminal behaviour. The program also links in with iEmpowers other youth initiatives such as employment and training programs to further support reducing recidivism. The program also seeks to assist the justice system to deal with complex cultural and religious issues when implementing appropriate diversion intervention.

Worth a Second Chance

Young people involved in youth justice

03 9421 7600

Jesuit Social Services Advocacy initiative aimed at addressing the treatment of children who come into contact with the Youth Justice System to promote greater understanding of the precursors leading to criminal behaviour and to support more helpful interventions that lead to positive change. This is not a service but a campaign to promote #Wortha2ndChance.

Youth Justice Network

For youth organisations supporting youth involved in justice

This University of Melbourne initiative brings together key stakeholders to address myths and negative perceptions impacting the rights and opportunities of young people coming into contact with the Youth Justice system. The network is:
• Building capacity within organisations working with and for justice-involved young people in Victoria;
• Providing a platform for diverse expertise, skills and knowledge to be shared;
• Gathering and collating resources for those working to improve the experience of and outcomes for justice-involved young people; and
• Using the knowledge generated to understand and better respond to the complexity of issues associated with young people’s interactions with the justice system in Victoria.


IEmpower – Refugee Court Program

67 Stubbs Street Kensington VIC 3031
1300 997 19

The Refugee Court Program provides culturally appropriate early intervention services. These services are designed to reduce the likelihood of offending and re-offending by young people from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds. The program provides young first-time offenders with opportunities for rehabilitation, personal growth, education and skills development therefore, enabling them to reject anti-social and criminal behaviour.

iEmpower Youth Development & Empowerment Program

67 Stubbs Street Kensington VIC 3031
1300 997 198

Aimed at engaging, enabling and empowering young people to develop positive links with the Victorian justice system. Through providing young people with information sessions and case management services, the program equips participants with the opportunity to improve their leadership, confidence and employability skills. The program facilitates pathways for participants to access education and training opportunities including scholarships. The program which takes up to 25 young people at any given time, has sixteen structured sessions which are delivered between 10-16 weeks depending on the intensity of the program and the makeup of the group

Victoria Legal Aid

570 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 792 387

VLA provide free legal advice and support to eligible young people, they can provide lawyers who can talk to you over the phone or see you in person and have access to interpreters when needed.Other locations can be found

Youth Justice Community Support Services

Located at Childrens Courts across Victoria

03 8684 0000

Youth Justice Community Support Service (YJCSS), which provides individualised intensive support to eligible young people transitioning out of custody, regarding employment, education or training as well as developing independent living skills or better connections to family, community or culture. This funding has been provided to expand the availability of YJCSS to include after-hours and weekend support in the metropolitan area. Afterhours and weekend support will also be rolled out to regional areas in the coming months.

Youth Law

Youthlaw is Victoria’s state-wide free community legal centre for young people under 25 years of age. Their online website offers a vast range of information. Youth Law can provide young people with legal advice on:
- Fines, train/tram fines for example
- Criminal charges, police interviews
- Becoming Independent
- Complaints, being treated unfairly at work for example
- Car accidents, insurance
- Discrimination , harassment -Family rights when parents separate
- School, being expelled or bullied - violence and abuse
- Victims of crime

Youth Justice Programs: Get Involved
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