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SWL Placement @ West Footscray Neighbourhood House Community Childcare

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Fartun Mussa Behe (VCE VET student from University High School) Term 2 holiday break placement with West Footscray Neighbourhood House Community Childcare

West Footscray Neighbourhood House Community Childcare (WFNH) is a local community based childcare service co-located with the West Footscray Library.  Attracting a diverse cross section of children from a variety of multicultural backgrounds, WFHH prides itself on encouraging cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

The LLEN first developed a relationship with WFHN in 2017, it has been great to provide several students real work experience in a growing industry ever since.

Fartun Mussa Behe is a Year 12 student studying Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care via her VET studies at University High. 

Fatun is of Somalian Eritrean heritage and migrated to Australia with her family at a young age. She commenced her primary education at Carlton Primary school before going on to University High School , it was great to realise her family probably participated in one the Transition to Secondary School forums we run for parents and students at Carlton Primary.  Fartun’s goal is to pursue further study in Early Childhood Education as she enjoys nurturing and teaching infants.

During Fartun’s placement she experienced working with children ranging from ages 1- 5 years from a wide range of cultural and language backgrounds. WFHN encouraged Fatun to introduce activities which reflect her own cultural heritage, which included teaching the children to make traditional African roti bread. Not only was this a fun activity but also provided an educational experience teaching child how to cook – applied learning for everyone!

Fartun felt supported throughout her placement, the team of childcare staff were always on hand to help support and guide her, imparting their knowledge and expertise to help enrich the her understanding of the industry and childcare education standards and regulations.

It is important that students during their SWL placement undertake opportunities to practice the theory and applied skills they are learning, WFNH were a fantastic employer in carefully considering how to implement this. Fatun particularly enjoyed learning how to make play dough with the children. Another highlight activity was puppet making with the children and learn how to report on the learnings the children achieved.  Fatun advised that through her placement she has learnt the importance of getting to know the children and how to implement activities to engage each child individually.  She has learnt that not every child likes the same activity and therefore it is important to acknowledge that by getting to know each child to maximise their learning opportunities.

Lily Torcello, the Centre Coordinator at WFNH reported that Fartun has a natural ability to engage with young children, adding that it is evident in the way Fartun interacts with them as they are receptive to engaging with her without hesitation. Lily highlighted that Fartun was able to integrate harmoniously with the childcare team and was excellent at following correct procedures and industry standards in all aspects of childcare.

She mentioned that the student clearly enjoys working with children and that Fartun’s patient demeanour along with her enthusiasm to want to learn about the industry makes the student a perfect fit for the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry.

It was also really appreciated that Fatun travelled for over an hour on more than one mode of public transport to reach her placement every day and was never late, arriving early every day so she could prepare herself for the work ahead. Lily particularly praised the student’s work ethic.

For Fartun her SWL placement has enriched her skills and knowledge of the children’s services industry.

She has learnt how to effectively communicate and educate young children and work with colleagues on a professional level and confirmed her desire to pursue a career in Childcare.

What an excellent result, well done Fatun!

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